“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” – Aristotle. This philosophy inspired the decision to hold a three-part sales meeting at ZIMM Germany GmbH in Ohorn, involving staff from the screw jack production and industrial and special gearbox sectors of the company.

The event was intended to provide staff from the two “sales teams” with an opportunity to get to know each other and share knowledge, and to offer the employees of ZIMM Austria an up-close look at the company’s broad product range, many years of know-how and high level of vertical manufacturing in industrial and special gearboxes.

The event also offered a venue for team members to work together in establishing and developing ideas, concepts and interfaces to promote stronger market performance for the company in future. 

“The exchange of knowledge with our new colleagues has shown us that the two company divisions complement each other well, and this symbiosis can open up new target markets for our industrial and special gearboxes”, said Michael Schneider, sales manager at ZIMM Germany.

“The sales conference showed us that the broad product range, many years of experience and the machine park of the two company divisions complement each other very successfully. It also demonstrated that both sites can only benefit from greater interaction. This will serve to open up new opportunities and implementation possibilities for our customers”, said Bernhard Stark, sales technician at ZIMM Austria. 

ZIMM Industrial and special gearboxes
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