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At the beginning of the 2000s, ZIMM Germany dared to take on a very special challenge in product development as part of a special order. The aim was to produce special planetary gears for antenna systems.

Even if we were able to draw from our many years of experience in the construction of this type of gearing for different industries, such as wind power, mining and construction machinery, as well as shipbuilding, this task initially presented us with great challenges.

In addition to the high-precision production of all gearing and individual parts, the customer also asked our designers to provide evidence of the torsional stiffness and other parameter specifications of these specially designed planetary gears. Ultimately, this action required special devices, measurements and evaluations. In cooperation with TU Dresden, these requirements could finally be met successfully. The result was that, in the following years, further projects of this kind followed, and also new customers in this industry are now requesting gear boxes from ZIMM Germany.

”Even though customers had already come back to us in many cases due to our extensive experience with special orders, this has intensified significantly after the successful execution of the first project. Production of these special gears has now become standard, even if every order still requires a solution which is specifically customised for the customer. Nevertheless, the enormous know-how on the part of ZIMM Germany shortens the construction time, which ultimately benefits the customer again. Hundreds of such special planetary gears in different sizes have since already been delivered for the aforementioned industry “, says Michael Schneider | Head of sales at ZIMM Germany.

ZIMM Industrial and special gearboxes
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